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About Us

Safety is non-negotiable, and we, Cenbird, understanding this, come up with a range of Face Masks that have become important safety accessories in this day and age. With many different types of masks available in the market today, buyers might be at a loss as what to choose and from whom. We as a specialist offer a range of Full Size Cotton Face Mask, Printed Cotton Face Mask, Kids Cotton Face Mask, 3 Ply Cotton Face Mask and Reusable Cotton Face Mask that is designed by our experts to offer maximum protection during the virus and flu season. As a reputable and reliable Face Masks manufacturer & retailer, we help buyers get access to only the right masks that fit properly, offer good seals, and can even be washed and reused. As we know that face masks stay in close contact with the facial skin, we only produce masks using 100% cotton and other breathable materials that can help protect the skin. Our entire range is crafted from hypoallergenic materials.

Why Choose Us?

Face masks, be it of any type, are essential for anyone who is even remotely interested in safeguarding their health. These masks are important to keep various respiratory illnesses, such as the common flu, and even Covid-19 at bay. They also prove to be effective barriers against pollution and allergens. As there are many different types of branded and non-branded face masks available in the market, it can become difficult for buyers to pick the right ones. 

At Cenbird, we have the perfect masks for all your needs. Our range woven by our team of experts as per the internationally approved safety and quality standards ranks high on the following:

  • Fit: All our masks fit snugly without impairing breathing.
  • Comfort: Our masks made from cotton and other skin friendly materials sit comfortably around the head and ears, and can be worn for long hours without any inconvenience.
  • Functionality: We know that most people wearing masks look for protecting their respiratory system from unwanted infection. Therefore, we keep focus on product functionality and design the range to deliver adequate protection from all respiratory pathogens.
  • Price: A good face mask need not be too expensive. Using all the right manufacturing and trade techniques, we offer some of the most pocket friendly options on Face Masks like Full Size Cotton Face Mask, Printed Cotton Face Mask, Kids Cotton Face Mask, 3 Ply Cotton Face Mask and Reusable Cotton Face Mask.

Future Goal

We wish to keep protecting the health and wellbeing of millions of customers and also their loved ones with our quality products and quick services.
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20, Pushp Vatika Row House, Singanpore Gam, Causeway Road,, Surat, Gujarat, 395004, India
Phone :09737663281